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What is an export invoice?

The importance of generating an export invoice

  • The commercial invoice for export serves as a proof document in an insurance claim.
  • It helps prove that the specific transaction between the buyer and seller occurred.
  • Import-export invoice is an essential part of all shipping documents.
  • The export invoice may be used by government authorities to determine the actual value of the items and calculate the appropriate taxes.
  • The importer can use the export invoice to clear the products through customs in the destination country.
  • Where there is a movement of products as part of the supply
  • The export invoice must be issued before or when the goods are removed for delivery.
  • When the supply is made up of services
  • The export GST invoice must be issued before or after the service is performed but within a specific time frame.

What is the use of currency in an export invoice?

  • They can also be provided in Indian rupees (INR).
  • The invoices might be in freely convertible currency or Indian Rupees.
  • The revenues from exports will be paid out in freely convertible currency.
  • Suppose funds are received through a freely convertible Vostro account held by a non-resident bank in any country other than an Asian Clearing Union member, Nepal, or Bhutan. In that case, proceeds from specific exports may be realized in INR.


Is it possible to export invoices in Indian rupees?

Is an export e-invoice required for exports?

What is the export invoice in GST?



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