How to Start Export Business From India to Dubai?

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2 min readMay 20, 2022

Dubai is amongst the most flourishing business destinations for entrepreneurs worldwide! Are you sourced in India and looking for a business venture in Dubai? It could be quite an opportunity, provided you get well versed with legal documentation and formalities related to the export business from India to Dubai. Let’s get a knack for the export procedure to start selling goods in UAE.

Export Market in Dubai for Indians

Dubai is globally known for its extravagant lifestyle, ease of business commencement and lucrative tax-free zones that attract business enthusiasts. The free trade environment paves a broad spectrum for Indian entities and introduces products in a highly competitive range.

UAE or Emirates opens the door for business avenues to India, and there is a pact recently signed between the two countries to accelerate further trade activities. Due to the buzzing business environment and strategic location, Indian business owners have started exporting to Dubai through some of the busiest docks or runways worldwide.

List of Procedures to Start Export Business from India to Dubai

1. Trade License Application- Having a proper trade license is important to begin with, export business in UAE. You need to register with the export-import business in the Emirates and primarily apply for Trade License from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

- Submit company registration papers to DED

- Notarize company MOA

- Complete other formalities of DED

2. Rent the Warehouse- Having a warehouse is imperative for starting with exports in Emirates. Renting of warehouse depends on the set of commodities you want to export, which happens during the application phase only. Getting a trade license is possible only after submitting papers.

List of Important Documents Required- Certificate of Origin

- Commercial invoice from exporter to importer

- Airway Bill or ‘Bill of Entry

- Detailed packing list

- Sales-Purchase contract and Proforma Invoice

- Sales purchase contracts amongst exporters and importers.

- Other export-related documents

- Temporary shipment documents

- Other shipment certificates for certain goods

Upon license and document verification approval, the export of products from India to Dubai can get started. As the process is a bit lengthy, you can also seek the assistance of expert agencies who can streamline the processes for you. They can guide you on multiple aspects, like receiving quotes from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, starting with Product Distribution and warehousing things. This can collectively help start the export business from India to Dubai!

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