How can import export training help to start EXIM business from home?

How to start import export business from home?

To start a new business, you must procure the training or knowledge of the field. At Impexperts, we provide 100% professional and practical import export training to the students/candidates; who are keen on starting their EXIM business. To start EXIM business from home, you require to attend a full import export course that involves professional training as well as business services set-up.

To get the Import export license, an important document.

To begin with, you have to get your business registered for initiating the first trade. The very first thing that your import export business requires is ‘’ (import export code). With the IEC, you get a unique identification code for your business to start trading activities. You can apply for the IEC code online by logging on to Import Export Code Organization or can also contact us for the same.

Import or Export, what’s your choice?

Any business owner, who undergoes import export training must have a basic idea about choosing between import and export. This is one of the most vital decisions to make to start EXIM business from home.

Selection of Products, Choosing Products for import or export business

The product selection plays a very significant role in the import export business. It is because of the specific product that you can aim your long term success in this industry. When you acquire import export training from our institute, we help you to choose the right product before you start EXIM business from home.

So, how to choose the right product for your import export business?

The choice of the product must always be made based on demand. If you are exporting a product from India to another country, you must research on the countries that need the particular product that you wish to export. Whereas when you are importing a product to India from any specific country, you must understand the demand and the market of that product in India. You must only import if the product has good market demand and prospect future.

How can I start the product selection research?

Being a beginner in the import export industry, it might be difficult for you to learn about the product selection process. When you begin your journey of import export training with us, we help you with complete research and analysis of the product that you wish to import or export. Furthermore, we even advise you with the product selection; if you are blank of the selection point.

Identifying buyers and supplier market

After the product selection is successfully carried out, the next big thing to start EXIM business from home is to identify the right buyer or supplier market. The buyer’s finding process must be carried out with the help of EXIM experts or councils to make sure that your deal is genuinely placed.

How to find a genuine buyer for your product?

A genuine buyer must be identified from his records and trades. There are export promotion councils as well as Department of Commerce and industry to help you get the correct data of the importer that you wish to settle your deal with. The Department of Commerce also helps to know the latest trade statistics, which might help you to make a major decision of the deal. They also issue regular publications and reports of the export and import products of our country to give a fair idea about the market that you wish to enter.

Have you experienced a trade earlier?

After import export training at our institute, we help the candidates to experience the first free trade for gaining practical exposure. The practical knowledge is must begin your import export business independently, and we help that with our special service, i.e. ‘First Free Trade’ at Impexperts — the world of import export.

A first trade helps you learn the entire process of import export cycle, including the following:

  • Registering the business
  • Selecting the Product
  • Contacting the buyer/supplier
  • Hiring CHA
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Receiving goods or receiving payment

How can you make your work from home model successful?

An import export business requires passion and hard work to make it turn successful. We being an experienced EXIM institute and trade management company; have few tips to make your work from home dream successful.

  • Acquire import export training without fail
  • Set-up your business requirement with the Experts advise
  • Keep your passion engaged by scheduling daily hours for work
  • Keep a small team for handling different departments
  • Always brainstorm with your team
  • Appoint a separate accountant or billing software to keep an eye on the expenses and income figure.
  • Use digital media for marketing.




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